I Help Companies Grow

As you read through my website I'll tell you more specifically about how I've grown companies in the past and the methodology I developed that enables me to replicate rapid growth for any company.

Under Benefits is where you will understand how I benefit the companies I work for. You can also see what people I've worked with have to say about my work style in the Testimonials page.

I will include the Blueprints page as a quick reference to the underlying marketing strategies, tactics, and philosophies that I use to achieve amazing marketing results.

Of course, my Resume will detail my corporate experience and main accomplishments. And for more color about the kind of person I am, what I like to do, and some about my philosophies, go to the About Me page.



What Can I Do For You?

That's really what people want to know, right? "What's in it for me?"

That's why this is the first section on my website, and it's why my homepage headline is all about what YOU want, not who I am.

You don't really care who I am until you understand what I can do for you, and what skills, insights, and experience I bring to the table that will benefit you. No problem, that's what everyone wants. And I'm happy to share more about how I can help you grow your business.

My main benefit to you is that I know the strategies, the technologies, and other best practices that I have personally developed and leveraged all together to deliver more leads, higher conversion rates, lower costs, and faster revenue.

To learn more about my value propositions and how I might help your company, visit the Benefits page.

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What have I done?

I've done marketing my entire career, much of it in the digital marketing space. I started building websites while at Oracle, founded the World Organization of Webmasters in Silicon Valley, and was one of the early Internet Marketing pioneers doing search engine marketing before Google or AdWords even existed.

I learned a lot about marketing strategy, marketing plans, national branding campaigns, and marketing automation technologies as a Marketing Executive for Fortune 500 companies. I also had some major revenue growth successes for startup companies, and eventually ran my own Digital Marketing Consulting agency for 7 years.

Find out the full history on my Resume page.

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Who Am I?

If you are interested in whether I am a good fit for your open position, you can read more about who I am as a person, what I like to do, the kind of place I like to work, what makes me happy and what makes me sad to see in a business.

You'll find out that I'm very entrepreneurial, in the way I work and the kinds of environments I like.

I may be interested in coaching you about your new business idea, or talking about the latest marketing technology, or even about the other nerdy stuff like the new improvements in Google Ads Experiments, or the limitations of Salesforce for marketing ROI, or even how I boosted my laptop's wireless bandwidth from 5 to 60 Mbps by using an external amplifier on a cellular hotspot (I know, nerdy).

If you're interested to know more, go to the About Me page.

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Next Step...

If you're interested in interviewing me for a full-time/contract position or getting your complimentary Marketing Strategy Session for your company, simply contact me today!  I'd love to talk to you.